Linkedin Learning – Unique Ways To Generate Creative Ideas

Linkedin Learning – Unique Ways To Generate Creative Ideas
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How and where do we get inspiration and ideas? What can we do to help the process? In this course, creativity expert Denise Jacobs helps you develop your inspiration arc and shows you how to assemble and turn on a system of approaches, habits, practices, and exercises to trigger inspiration when, where, and how you want it. Denise explains how to bolster your creativity by shifting your mindset to focus on strengths and transform bad stress into good stress. She discusses how to invite ideas to come to you and converse with the spirit of the idea. Denise goes over ways to flip your habitual thinking scripts, elevate your mood, and set the stage for creative inspiration. After reviewing how constraints can actually spark resourcefulness, she describes ways to expand your ideas and get ready to create. Denise finishes up by reminding you that inspiration is always around you, waiting for you to be ready to pay attention to it and turn it on.

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