LinkedIn Learning – Learning Azure Durable Functions

LinkedIn Learning – Learning Azure Durable Functions
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If you’re already familiar with Azure Functions, you may be curious to learn more about Durable Functions. As an extension of Azure Functions, Durable Functions excel at long-running, stateful workflows that need to be done in a serverless computing environment. This is especially true when you need to define such a stateful workflow, as the Durable Functions extension manages a lot behind the scenes for you, allowing you to focus more intently on the code.

In this course, instructor Adrienne Tacke gives you an overview of what Durable Functions are, how they differ from Azure Functions, when to use Durable Functions, and common patterns and situations suitable for using Durable Functions like a pro. Get a breakdown of how Durable Functions work by exploring several real-world use cases of Durable Function patterns in actions, including function chaining, fan-out/fan-in, async HTTP APIs, monitors, human interactions, aggregators, and more.

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