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Learn the various components of AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) and how these components work together to orchestrate
What is an Amazon Web Services Elastic Container Service (AWS ECS)? This course walks you through how to create a cluster, create a task definition, build containers, and configure container repositories with ECR. The course shows you how to start by setting up an ECS cluster. This cluster provides a haven for the containers. After setting up your cluster, it’s time to use the editor to create a custom definition. Once the definition has been created, the course demonstrates how to deploy a container (which ECS calls a task) to the cluster, then run your task on the cluster. There’s one disadvantage to running a task: you may not be able to create another container if the container is stopped. If you need your task to run 24/7, you can learn how to set up and use a service. With a cluster and a task definition, you’re ready to run your container. Learn how to run your code from the Console.code from the Console.

Note: This course was created by CloudSkills. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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