Linkedin Learning – Core Data in iOS: 2 Intermediate Topics

Linkedin Learning – Core Data in iOS 2 Intermediate Topics-XQZT
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Learn about Core Data topics such as fetching data, sorting using Core Data in a multithreaded environment, syncing Core Data with CloudKit, migrations, and more
This course prepares you to build your first Core Data app for the iOS platform. Instructor Mohammad Azam walks you through several key tasks and processes, starting with how to fetch data from the Core Data store. Once you have a thorough grasp on that process, Mohammad shows you how to sort using FetchedResultsController and @FetchRequest. He covers the Core Data multithreading model and how you can use it to create background context, send results, fetch managed objects, and more. Mohammad steps through syncing Core Data using CloudKit, including how to update code to use CloudKit and how to navigate the CloudKit dashboard. He explains migrations, how to perform them, and how to create a model map for more complex migrations, then finishes up with how to use an MVVM design pattern, how to use the NSFetchedResultsContainer to automatically refresh, and how to save images using Core Data.

Note: This course was created by Mohammad Azam. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

Author: Mohammad Azam
Duration: 4:57:54

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