LinkedIn Learning – Cloud Computing – Understanding Core Concepts

LinkedIn Learning – Cloud Computing – Understanding Core Concepts
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Migrating to the cloud? Get an overview of cloud computing and the key concepts to consider when deploying cloud solutions in your business.

When you use cloud computing, you can get extra capacity online and ready for use minutes after you need it, then scale back down just as easily. David Linthicum-an internationally known cloud expert and consultant-showcases the impact this technology can have on your cost efficiency, agility, and more-as well as how to select and deploy the best cloud solution for your use case.

David explains how to select a cloud provider and plan a migration, offering real-life examples and case studies to illustrate key steps. He reviews the security considerations, typical day-to-day operations, and tools that IT administrators need to keep their cloud-based infrastructure up and running, as well as advanced cloud operations approaches and technologies. David concludes with a thorough discussion of cloud computing migration planning.

Learning objectives:
• Differentiate between the different types of clouds, including Saas, laaS, and PaaS.
• Define the characteristics of Saas, laaS, and PaaS.
• Identify the advantages and disadvantages of public, hybrid, and multicloud deployments.
• Explore the array of AI services on cloud platforms.
• Identify the data and applications necessary to move to the cloud.
• Explain the importance of cloud security.
• Review the importance of FinOps in optimizing cloud costs and addressing cost overruns.
• Recognize the essentials of cloud monitoring and management.
• Identify the essential steps in cloud computing migration planning.

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