LinkedIn – AI Academy AI-100 – 1 Demystifying AI

LinkedIn – AI Academy AI-100 – 1 Demystifying AI
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Artificial intelligence has been in the public consciousness for decades, but is getting more and more attention every day as the technologies advance. There seems to be equal parts curiosity and anxiety when it comes to AI, and many people have questions about what exactly “artificial intelligence” means today-and all the pros and cons that come with it.

This course aims at demystifying AI-what AI is and how it works-by starting from simple, well-known concepts, and incrementally developing an understanding of complex AI methods and how they are used to build powerful applications at LinkedIn. Souvik Ghosh, Director of AI at LinkedIn, covers topics like the three pillars of AI, supervised and unsupervised learning, linear regression, classification, and gets into more complex topics like nonlinear models and neural networks. Join Souvik in this course to get a brief history of the field, the variety of ways in which AI touches our lives today, and the possibilities that lay ahead.

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