LetsBuildThatApp – Ultimate SwiftUI Mock Interview AppStore

LetsBuildThatApp – Ultimate SwiftUI Mock Interview AppStore
English | Tutorial | Size: 1.42 GB

Ready to become a professional developer? After this course you will be prepared for any type of interview. Prerequisites: basic SwiftUI skills, understanding of networking.

Course Topics

• Rendering SwiftUI views with NavigationStack, ScrollView, Searchable, GeometryReader, AsyncImage, etc.
• Fetching JSON with Async/Await
• Decoding JSON with Codable Protocol
• ScrollView snapping with scrollTargetLayout and scrollTargetBehavior
• iOS 17 #Observable macro
• Transform old completion handlers into async await code with Continuations
• Image caching using NSCache and AsyncImage

Bonus 1: Fetch reviews for each app
Bonus 2: Implement horizontal snapping on screenshots and reviews
Bonus 3: Show differences between completion handlers and async/await. How do you use Continuations?
Bonus 4: Can you implement Image caching to reduce cost of loading images?

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