LEETCODE in Javascript: FAANG Coding Interview Questions | Udemy

LEETCODE in Javascript: FAANG Coding Interview Questions | Udemy [Update 08/2023]
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Practice data structure and algorithms questions for interviews at MAANG companies like Google, Facebook, Apple & Amazon

What you’ll learn
Solve Easy to Hard Difficulty problems using different data structures and algorithms
How to solve some of the most popular interview questions asked by major tech companies
Breaking down the coding interview problems in a step by step, systematic manner
Popular problems patterns
Algorithms and data structures

Want to master popular problem-solving techniques, data structures, and algorithms that interviewers love? Dive right in!

Crave step-by-step explanations for the industry’s hottest interview questions? We’ve got you covered.

Looking to up your game in competitive programming? Buckle up for a thrilling journey!

Welcome to the course!

In this course, you’ll have a detailed, step by step explanation of hand-picked LeetCode questions where you’ll learn about the most popular techniques and problems used in the coding interview, This is the course I wish I had when I was doing my interviews. and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

What is LeetCode?

LeetCode is essentially a huge repository of real interview questions asked by the most popular tech companies ( Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and more ).

The problem with LeetCode is also its advantage, IT’S HUGE, so huge in fact that interviewers from the most popular companies often directly ask questions they find on LeetCode, So it’s hard to navigate through the huge amount of problems to find those that really matter, this is what this course is for.

I spent countless hours on LeetCode and I’m telling you that you don’t have to do the same and still be able to get a job at a major tech company.

Course overview :

In this course, I compiled the most important and the most popular interview questions asked by these major companies and I explain them, in a true STEP BY STEP fashion to help you understand exactly how to solve these types of questions.

The problems are handpicked to ensure complete coverage of the most popular techniques, data structures, and algorithms used in interviews so you can generalise the patterns you learn here on other problems.

Each problem gets multiple videos :

Explanation and intution video(s): we do a detailed explanation of the problems and its solution, this video will be longer because we will do a step by step explanation for the problems.

Coding video(s): where we code the solution discussed in the explanation video together.

Walkthrough video(s): where we go over each line of code and see what it does

We will use basic javascript for this course to code our solutions, previous knowledge in javascript is preferred but NOT required for the coding part of the course.

The problems are categorised for easier navigation and will be regularly updated with more popular and interesting problems.

Some of the stuff this course will cover are :

Arrays and Strings interview questions.

Searching interview questions and algorithms.

Dynamic Programming interview questions.

Backtracking interview questions ( With step by step visualisation ).

Trees and Graphs interview questions and algorithms.

Data structures Like Stacks, Queues, Maps, Linked Lists, and more.

In other words, this course is your one-stop-shop for your dream job.

Who this course is for:
Developers eager to pass the coding interview at huge companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, etc
People who want to develop their problem solving skills
Developers getting ready for their interviews
Students getting ready for their internship interviews





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