Learning Scala | LinkedIn

Learning Scala | LinkedIn
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Scala has become an increasingly popular programming language ever since it was publicly released in 2004. Designed in part to improve on some of the weaknesses of Java, Scala requires less code and supports both object-oriented programming and functional programming. And while Scala and Java are interoperable, you don’t need any knowledge of Java to run Scala. This course with Amina Adewusi is aimed at programming beginners who have only basic programming experience. Amina provides a broad and friendly introduction to some of Scala’s features that will set a foundation for more advanced lessons. She details everything you need to write Scala code and run it locally; examines values and types, functions, and control flows; looks at domain modeling; and explores Scala’s collection types. If you’re just starting on your programming journey, join Amina to see if Scala is right for you.



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