Learn MLOps for Machine Learning | Pearson

Learn MLOps for Machine Learning | Pearson
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4+ Hours of Video Instruction

With both machine learning and DevOps at the forefront these days, Milecia McGregor helps engineers understand how to apply key DevOps principles to their machine learning projects.

When teams are working with machine learning models, changing features, different data sets, new algorithms, and unique computing resources all influence a machine learning model’s performance. Tracking all of these items can be complicated. With tools such as DVC, MLFlow, AWS, you can meet the challenge. Milecia McGregor demonstrates how to use MLOps tools to improve machine learning and automate some of the steps in the process.

What You Will Learn:

Developers and Engineers will learn how to:

Capitalize on MLOps as an emerging field. Data-focused companies are looking for engineers with these skill sets.
Build a basic MLOps pipeline from scratch with open-source tools – take a working template with you for your own projects
Take ChatGPT into account to provide a practical bridge for engineers and DevOps teams.

Who Should Take This Course:

Job titles: Machine learning engineer, Data Engineer, DevOps teams





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