Laravel Queues in Action Book

Laravel Queues in Action Book
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Over the years, I worked on projects that heavily relied on asynchronous task execution (Vapor, Forge & Envoyer). I also worked with hundreds of Laravel community members to solve problems involving the queue system. Along the way, I contributed to enhancing the system by adding new features, fixing bugs, and improving performance.

In August 2020, I released the first edition of this book. In which I shared everything I know about the queue system in Laravel. Fast forward to 2022, several Laravel releases came out, and more usage patterns were discovered.

This second edition was completely rewritten to be more insightful to first-time queue system explorers and long-time professionals. It includes extra challenges, in-depth guides, and diagrams that will give you the information you need to make educated decisions about how to best use the queue system in your projects.

— Mohamed Said
Laravel core team member



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