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Laravel Masterclass:Build web apps with Laravel 7,PHP & Vue | Udemy
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Genre: eLearning

What you’ll learn
Student will make 6 web applications with PHP & Laravel &Vue js
Everything related to Laravel by making projects
Student will learn to make quiz application
Student will learn to make ecommerce application
Student will learn to make photo sharing application
Student will learn to make ringtone&wallpaper download application
Student will learn to make Employee management application
And lots of more cool things

Ready to build something awesome?

You will be learning Laravel by making 6 web applications from basic to advanced project. However, you will not learn the basics of laravel, I have another course for that. you should have basic knowledge of Laravel.

PROJECT1: Restaurant app


This is a simple application where an admin can manage foods available in his restaurant and customers can view the details of the food such as price, description of the food, etc. Admin will able to create the categories for the food and manage the foods.

PROJECT 2: Online examination(quiz) app with Laravel and Vuejs


An online quiz or online examination is a web application that allows the admin to set the questions with a maximum of four options along with the correct answer. Admin can categorize the questions by creating the category for the questions. This helps admin to list all the questions for a particular category whenever necessary. Admin can create the users. Admin can assign the exam to his/her staff/interns/students for a particular category such as programming quiz, aptitude test, and so on. Each student/employee/interns who have been assigned a quiz can attempt the quiz and the result will be available to the candidate and admin can also view the result of the candidate in his/her dashboard.

What students will learn?

Students will learn to integrate the free admin template.

How to write clean code.

How to include Vue js in the project.

How to display one question on screen per page and implement the next and previous button and do ajax request with Vue js.

How to include Moment.js for the timer.

How to make a design database structure, use the relationship to query.

How to solve the challenging problem related to coding.

and many more…

=>You can download all the videos, project code, templates and ask unlimited questions to the instructor in Q&A section

PROJECT 3: Ecommerce application with Laravel


Ecommerce is a web application through which the company or a particular user can sell his products. In this project, we will make a web-based e-commerce web application in which admin can create a category, subcategory, manage his/her products, view user details, view purchase details and the user will able to filter, search and buy the products from the website via the stripe payment method.

What students will learn?

You will learn to integrate the free admin template.

You will learn to make simple e-commerce frontpage design.

You will learn to make a category, subcategory, products, filter the projects, etc.

You will learn to make dependent dropdowns with ajax for category and subcategory.

You will learn to make features such as adding products to the cart, updating the product, removing the product from the cart, checkout, system, etc.

You will learn to integrate Stripe payment.

You will learn to make the dynamic carousel to display the projects and sliders at the front page.

No any package involved for adding product to cart, we will make our own functionality for that.

and many more…

=>You can download all the videos, project code, templates and ask unlimited questions to the instructor in Q&A section

PROJECT 4: Photo share application with Laravel and Vue JS


The Phottoshare app is the web-based application that allows the user/photographer to share their photos with the world. Take beautiful photos, create an album in a particular category, and upload photos in your album and is ready to view. One user can able to follow another user and can also view his/her albums and photos. Any logged-in user can also leave a review in someone’s album. As a guest user, you will be able to browse the photos based on category(such as Technology, Wildlife, People, Underwater, etc).

What students will learn?

You will learn how to work with Vue js in frontend and Laravel at the backend.

You will learn to implement important features such as bulk image upload, updating user avatar and background picture, creating an album, and working on form validation, follow/unfollow system, pagination, etc with Vue js.

You will learn to integrate sweet alert.

You will learn to integrate Disqus comment.

You will learn many things about Vue js and Laravel through example.

and many more…

=>You can download all the videos, project code, templates and ask unlimited questions to the instructor in Q&A section

PROJECT 5: Mobile ringtone and wallpaper download website


This is a website from which you will able to download ringtone and wallpaper for your mobile. Any guest user can download varieties of ringtone from a different category. He/She will be able to download the same image in three different sizes(Large, Medium, and Small). The website will keep the record of the number of ringtones downloaded by the user. Other features include leaving review and comment on particular ringtone/wallpaper and sharing ringtone/wallpaper in social media by clicking the share button from this website.

What students will learn?

You will learn to upload files such as audio and image with validation.

You will learn to use the Laravel Image Intervention package.

You will learn to use the comment system and the social share button plugin.

and many more…

=>You can download all the videos, project code, templates and ask unlimited questions to the instructor in Q&A section

PROJECT6: Complete employee management system with users, roles, permission, bulk mail, leave, notices, etc.


You will make a complete employee management system for your company or for someone’s company. There can be different types of users such as Admin, Supervisor, Editor, Staff based on roles given to them by admin while registering a user. A user(admin/supervisor) can create a department(such as the IT Department, Sales&Marketing Department), can create users, roles and assign permission for editing, updating, deleting, or accessing the particular record. Admin can create important notices and will be available to view for all the staff of the company. Admin can send a mail with attachments(such as image, pdf, doc, Docx) to one staff, to all staff, or to all staff of the particular department.

What students will learn?

You will learn to integrate the free admin template.

.You will make a feature that allows admin to create a staff profile.

You will make a feature that allows admin to make roles and assign permission to staff without using any package.

You will make a feature that allows admin to send bulk mail with attachments to staff.

You will make a feature that allows admin to create notices.

You will make a feature that allows admin to create staff leave(sick leave, annual leave, etc).

You will make the restaurant app

=>You can download all the videos, project code, templates and ask unlimited questions to the instructor in Q&A section

Who this course is for:
anyone who wants to enhance their laravel skills
anyone who want to make real world apps with modern technology such laravel and vue js
anyone who want to be senior level developer
you will learn to make quiz(online examination) with laravel and vue js
you will learn to make ecommerce application
you will learn to make photo share app with laravel and vue js
you will learn to make wallpaper and ringtone download website
you will learn to make employee management system with roles and persmission
and much more



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