[Update Course] Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners – Hands-on | Udemy

Kubernetes for Absolute Beginners – Hands-on | Udemy
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Learn Kubernetes in easy way with hands-on training, build your own Kubernetes cluster for practice easily

What you’ll learn
What is Kubernetes. What is relation between Docker and Kubernetes. Understand VM vs Containers vs Pods
Create Pods using CLI,Create Pods using “YAML” file, Understand pod to pod, node to pod communications, How to send traffic to pods
Understand and manage pod labels, How to use ReplicaSets. How to use match label and match expression selector, How to create Kubernetes deployment
How to scale up using ReplicaSets and Deployments, How to use Rolling Update Strategy, How to perform rollback
How to send traffic to Pods using Kubernetes services object, How to use ClusterIP service, How to use NodePort service
How to use fixed NodePort service, How to use Load Balancer service, How to build Single Node, Multi Node Kubernetes cluster

Welcome to the Kubernetes for Absolute Beginners course, your ultimate gateway into the fascinating world of container orchestration and cloud-native application management. Whether you’re a budding developer, IT professional, or technology enthusiast, this course will equip you with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed to harness the power of Kubernetes and revolutionize your approach to application deployment.

Kubernetes is a complex concept involving many components. Understanding how these components work individually and in combination is necessary for understanding Kubernetes. For understanding complex relation among different building blocks of Kubernetes, creation of high quality diagrams is must. We have explained each concept with the help of diagrams and demos. We have also covered how to build your own single node and multi node clusters.

Why Learn Kubernetes?

Kubernetes has rapidly emerged as the de facto standard for managing containerized applications, enabling organizations to streamline their development and deployment processes with unparalleled efficiency and scalability. As businesses increasingly transition to cloud-based solutions, mastering Kubernetes becomes essential to stay competitive in the ever-evolving tech landscape. This course is designed for absolute beginners, requiring no prior knowledge of Kubernetes or containerization, making it accessible to anyone with a passion for learning and an interest in modern software development.

What Will You Learn?

This course is meticulously crafted to guide you through every aspect of Kubernetes, starting with the foundational concepts and gradually progressing to more advanced topics.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to get started in Kubernetes, Developers, System Administrators



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