Khawar Butt Cisco SD-WAN Bootcamp (5 day) Inc Lab Workbook

Khawar Butt Cisco SD-WAN Bootcamp (5 day) Inc Lab Workbook
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Upon course completion, students will be about to:

Know and understand Cisco’s SD-WAN concepts, features, benefits, components & technologies
Differentiate and explain each of the building blocks of the SD-WAN Solution
Identify the roles and functions of vEdge, vSmart, vManage and vBond entities
Know and understand the Zero Touch Provisioning Model
Identify Overlay Management Protocol (OMP) as a key element of the SD-WAN solution and the role it plays for Control Plane setup
Understand segmentation of SD-WAN fabric, through the use of VPN’s (VRF’s)
Understand the role that templates have in SD-WAN solution, differentiate templates and know how to apply them
Differentiate Control, Data and Application Route Policies and know how they are used in SD-WAN
Implement and Understand advanced SD-WAN concepts like TLOC Extension, DIA & AAR
Identify and apply QoS mechanisms to SD-WAN fabric
Configure a complete SD-WAN Setup from scratch


Students attending this course should have a solid understanding of Routing.
Class Outline
SD-WAN Overview
Features / Benefits of Cisco SD-WAN
Controllers Functionalities
Edge Devices
SD-WAN Technologies – (VPNs, Color, TLOC etc.)
Initializing Controllers
Enterprise Certificate Server
vManage Initialization – CLI & GUI
vBond Initialization – CLI & GUI
vSmart Initialization – CLI & GUI
Initializing vEdges / cEdges
vEdge CLI Initial Configuration
cEdge CLI Initial Configuration
Root Certificate Initialization
vManage registration
Configuring Templates
Feature Templates
Device Templates
Configuring vEdges and vSmart using Feature & Device Templates
Configuring a Service VPN using Templates
Configuring Feature templates for configuring Service VPNs
Implementing Service VPNs using Templates
Configuring Centralized Policies
Policy Overview
Configuring Application Aware Policies
Configuring Traffic Engineering
Configuring Route Filtering
Configuring Hub-n-Spoke using Custom Policies using TLOCs
Advanced Configurations
Configuring Controllers in the Cloud
Configuring vEdges with NAT
Configuring vEdges with Firewalls
Configuring TLOC Extensions
Configuring DIA
Configuring QoS using Localized Policies
Prepping the Network for SD-WAN
Lab 1 – Configuring the WAN components
Lab 2 – Installing the Enterprise Certificate Server
Initializing the Controllers
Lab 3 – Initializing vManage – CLI
Lab 4 – Initializing vManage – GUI
Lab 5 – Initializing vBond – CLI
Lab 6 – Registering vBond in vManage
Lab 7 – Initializing vSmart – CLI
Lab 8 – Registering vSmart in vManage
Initializing the WAN Edges
Lab 9 – Initializing vEdge – CLI
Lab 10 – Registering vEdges in vManage
Lab 11 – Initializing cEdge – CLI
Lab 12 – Registering cEdges in vManage
Configuring Templates
Lab 13 – Configuring Feature Templates – System
Lab 14 – Configuring Feature Templates – Banner
Lab 15 – Configuring Feature Templates – VPN & VPN Interfaces for VPN 0 & VPN 512 – Branch Site(vEdges)
Lab 16 – Configuring Feature Templates – External Routing – OSPF for VPN 0 – Branch Sites(vEdges)
Lab 17 – Configuring and Deploying Device Templates for vEdge – Branch Sites(vEdges)
Lab 18 – Configuring Internal Routing Protocols on the Internal Routing Devices – HQ & All Branches
Lab 19 – Configuring Feature Templates – Service VPN – VPN, VPN Interface and Internal Routing – Branch Sites(vEdges)
Lab 20 – Implementing a Service VPN using Templates – Branch Sites(vEdges)
Lab 21 – Configuring Feature Templates for HQ-Site(vEdge1) – VPNs, VPN Interfaces, External & Internal Routing
Lab 22 – Configuring Device Templates for HQ-Site(vEdge1) to deploy VPN 0, 1 and 512
Lab 23 – Configuring Feature Templates for CSR – VPNs, VPN Interfaces, External & Internal Routing
Lab 24 – Configuring Device Templates for CSR to deploy VPN 0, 1 and 512

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