JOHN CARTER – Simpler Trading New Multi Squeeze Pro System Elite

JOHN CARTER – Simpler Trading New Multi Squeeze Pro System Elite
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Reveal Hidden ‘Squeeze’ Setups Across 18 Timeframes with the Same Indicator Behind John Carter’s $5 million in TSLA Gains

Right now there’s more opportunity than ever in the market. And yet the market is moving faster than ever, too. If you want to catch the big moves you can’t be late or you’ve missed them. Truth is, it’s almost impossible to watch every stock on your watchlist in every important timeframe to spot the most explosive moves early.

That’s Why John Carter Created the New Multi Squeeze Pro.

It is designed to identify Squeeze setups across 18 timeframes and it’s been a total game changer since it was first released. It’s helped John Carter break every past profit record. It let him catch his biggest AMZN trade (so far), a monster $611,395 gain.

That trade would have been ‘hidden’ without the Multi-Squeeze Pro. This breakthrough finally makes it possible to spot ALL 3 Squeeze Pro setups across ALL 18 timeframes. This simply wasn’t possible before now (unless you painstakingly examined 18 separate charts). It means missed opportunities because no one has the time to do that.

Now imagine being able to see exactly when the strongest ‘squeezes’ are all lined up and ready to explode – at a glance. This insight is more important than ever during volatile market conditions!

With this strategy and this indicator, John recently banked $216k in TSLA, $219k in NFLX, on top of the record $611k in AMZN.

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