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JavaScript – The Tricky Parts | Academind Pro
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JavaScript is an amazing programming language – and a very versatile one, too.

But it also can be tricky at times.

There are some concepts in JavaScript, that often lead to confusion and errors – that’s exactly what we’ll dive into in this course!

This course will explore the following “tricky parts” in depth AND in understandable words, so that you can use this course both as a reference you come back to in the future as well as a resource to strengthen your JavaScript knowledge:

Scope & Hoisting
Callback Functions (Indirect vs Direct Function Execution)
Loops (yes, they do contain some “weird” parts)
Primitive vs Reference Values
Value Types & Type Coercion
Asynchronous Code (Callbacks, Promises, async/ await)
The “this” Keyword
Those concepts will be explained in detail and theory as well as in practice with short and concise code snippets and examples.

You will learn:

What’s tricky about those concepts
WHY it works the way it works
WHAT you should remember or keep in mind

Important: This course is NOT a course for beginners! JavaScript knowledge is expected!

But you don’t have to be an expert or advanced user.

This course aims to help you understand those tricky concepts, it’s also meant to be a resource you can dive into if you just want to look up one specific concept (instead of having to search through an entire JavaScript course).

Therefore, every course section is built such that it works standalone, independent from the other sections. There is no overarching course project or anything like that – instead, you get “to the point”, focused sections that have the goal of making those “tricky parts” less tricky as quickly as possible!

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