JavaScript Practice: Scope and Closures | LinkedIn

JavaScript Practice: Scope and Closures | LinkedIn
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If you work with JavaScript, you may encounter difficult issues when it comes to managing the scope of variables. Due to varying syntax and keywords, it can be tough to ensure that functions produce accurate outputs. In this course, Eve Porcello teaches you to write code that can help you practice the most common patterns in JavaScript functions. Learn about closures and higher order functions, and gain practical experience in adapting to changes in scope requirements. Find out the techniques you can use to make your code more efficient and more testable.

This course includes Code Challenges powered by CoderPad. Code Challenges are interactive coding exercises with real-time feedback, so you can get hands-on coding practice alongside the course content to advance your programming skills.

Scope and closures are two of the most confusing but most unavoidable parts of working with JavaScript. If you’re already familiar with programming another language, this course can help you clear up any misconceptions about how scope and closures work in JavaScript. If you’re new to these concepts entirely, this course will be useful in demystifying these concepts.



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