JavaScript for Testers – Get Ready for Web Automation | Udemy

JavaScript for Testers – Get Ready for Web Automation | Udemy
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JavaScript Fundamentals for Testing

What you’ll learn
Understand JavaScript basics required for Modern Web Automation
Develop test scripts and practice verification with Mocha Chai
Understand JSON Syntax and Structure
Differentiate Between JSON and JavaScript Objects
How to Install Playwright

Join our ‘JavaScript for Testers – Get Ready for Web Automation’ course and dive into the world of JavaScript with a focus on web testing. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to start using JavaScript for automation. If you’re ready to boost your testing game and make your work easier with automation, sign up for our course. Let’s make testing fun and efficient with JavaScript!

Course Modules:

Introduction to JavaScript: Dive into the ‘why’ behind using JavaScript for testing, and get set up with Node.js and Visual Studio Code, ensuring you have the tools to write and run JavaScript code efficiently.

Understanding Variables: Gain a solid grasp of how to declare, initialize, and use variables within JavaScript, a fundamental skill for writing any test script.

JavaScript Data Types: Explore the different data types used in JavaScript, such as strings, numbers, and booleans, which are crucial for handling various kinds of test data.

Comparison Operators: Learn how to use comparison operators to make decisions in your code, a necessary step in checking test outcomes against expected results.

Logical Operators: Delve into logical operators that allow you to combine multiple conditions, giving you the power to write more complex and realistic test scenarios.

Conditional Statements: Master the use of conditional statements to direct the flow of your test scripts based on different conditions.

JavaScript Loops: Understand how to implement loops to automate repetitive tasks, an essential technique for thorough testing.

JavaScript Arrays: Work with arrays to store multiple values within a single variable, making your test scripts cleaner and more efficient.

JavaScript Objects: Get to grips with objects for organizing data and functionality, which is especially useful for modeling test scenarios.

JavaScript and JSON: Learn how JavaScript interacts with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), the standard format for exchanging data between a server and a web application.

JavaScript Functions: Discover how to create and use functions to reuse code and create more modular and maintainable test scripts.

Introduction to Test Frameworks: Conclude with an introduction to popular JavaScript test frameworks, preparing you to integrate your newfound JavaScript skills into your testing workflow.

Bonus: How to Install Playwright

Who this course is for:
This course is for Manual QA Engineers that would like to get into QA Automation



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