ITProTV – Linux Shell Scripting – Basics

ITProTV – Linux Shell Scripting – Basics
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In this series, Daniel and Don walk you through the fundamentals of bash scripting in the Linux operating system. Watch here as they take you through the fundamentals like: Script file formats, running scripts, working with variables, performing arithmetic, conditional statements, loops, presenting data, taking user input, and script control.

Basic Script Building
Basic Script Building
Using Variables
Using Variables
Performing Math
Performing Arithmetic
Exiting Scripts
Conditional Statements
Conditional Statements Part 2
Conditional Statements Part 3
Structured Commands
Loops Part 2
Loops Part 3
Handling User Input
User Input Positional Parameters
User Input Positional Parameters Pt 2
User Input Options
User Input Options Part 2
User Input Read
Presenting Data
Presenting Data File Descriptors
Script Control
Script Control
Script Control Part 2

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