IPSEC Course | Orhan Erghun

IPSEC Course | Orhan Erghun
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IPSec is one of the most important topics which every Network and Security Engineer should know about it. It is not well understood by many Engineers, how it works exactly.

The topics which will be covered in this course:
What is IPSec
Phase 1 vs. Phase 2
Tunnel mode vs. Transport mode
ESP (Encapsulating Security Payload) vs. AH (Authentication Header)
IKEv1 vs. IKEv2
Diffie-Hellman key Exchange
Encryption and Hash Algorithms
Perfect Forwarding Secrecy (PFS)
Site-To-Site VPN between Cisco IOS Routers (With Multiple Proposals)
Site-To-Site VPN between Cisco IOS Router and FortiGate NGFW
Site-To-Site VPN between Cisco IOS Router and Cisco FTD
Static Virtual Tunnel Interfaces (S-VTI) and its protection with IPSec IKEv2



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