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This IoT Security course is designed to help IT professionals strengthen their knowledge about the Internet of Things (IoT) and the security platforms related to it. You’ll also be able to identify the security, privacy and safety concerns related to the implementation of an IoT infrastructure.

What is IoT Security?
The Internet of Things refers to adding internet connectivity to interrelated computing devices, digital and mechanical machines, objects, animals, or people. For example, smart televisions, smart speakers, smart appliances, smart air conditioning and thermostats, smart health and medical appliances, and smart home security are all devices that use the IoT. The IoT Security training course provides hands-on training that gives students a competitive edge in IoT security.
Each of the “things” in IoT has a unique identifier and the ability to transfer data over a network automatically. Being able to connect these devices to the Internet makes them vulnerable to cyberattacks when they are not properly protected. IoT security is the area of technology that involves protecting those connected networks and devices that are part of the IoT.

What is Involved in this IoT Security Course?
This IoT Security training provides students with the fundamental concepts of the Internet of Things, including security issues, use cases of cyberattacks involving the IoT, and common technologies and components related to the IoT. Upon the completion of the course, students will have a strong baseline understanding of the devices and systems that need to be protected.
This course can also help students prepare for an IoT Security Certification.

Who Should Take the IoT Security Course?
This IoT Security course is ideal for professionals working with IoT products, including project managers, systems and software engineers and managers. It is also a good fit for any IT or cybersecurity professionals who want to learn about the unique attributes and challenges of IoT security.

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