Introduction to RedisGraph | LinkedIn

Introduction to RedisGraph | LinkedIn
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If you don’t manage your data effectively, you can’t really know what your information means. What’s worse, you miss out on the chance to learn from your data and make it actionable for your business. Over the last few years, knowledge graphs have become a popular solution for mapping out relationships in large, clunky data sets. In this course, instructor Ayaka Shinozaki shows you the basics of RedisGraph, the graph database developed on Redis that lets you model, populate, and query complex relational data in a wide range of use cases.

Discover the power of fast-graph processing with an overview of knowledge graphs and their core components and functions. Learn how to get started populating your own knowledge graph and building out its complexity as you go. Ayaka teaches you how to interact with your graph by making intelligent, meaningful queries, using clauses in the Cypher query language, and running searches to retrieve information.




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