Introduction to Microcontrollers | Udemy

Introduction to Microcontrollers | Udemy
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Nitty–gritty of microcontrollers and building embedded systems with them

What you’ll learn
Demystifying the magic of computers
What are microprocessors, their architecture and design
How to start an embedded project
How to start coding

Are you ever curious about how computer systems works? Even the most experience engineers sometimes fail to answer the very basic question because the basic knowledge is sometimes lost somewhere in the midst of all the new and advanced things we learn. Also, the basics get overlooked when we are working on upper layers of coding and application building.

This course delves into the concept of computer systems in a very simple and easy way. There is no practical lab or exam, so it is a stress-free environment, which is key for good learning. We will only have lectures that cover the fundamentals of computers, starting from working of processors and moving to how one is programmed. There is no practical but there are step-by-step instructions on how you can get a microcontroller and get started with your first embedded project. The lectures try to be as contained and to the point as possible.

If this is something that interests you, I will be more than happy to have you in the course.

If you are a beginner, this course can help you understand the basics. If you are at the intermediate level, this will help you brush over the fundamentals and create a mind-map to learn advance things easily.

Who this course is for:
Students interested to know how computers work in easy, stress-free lectures

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