Introduction to Cyber Security: security management for IT | Udemy

Introduction to Cyber Security: security management for IT | Udemy
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Learn to implement cyber security best practices into the security management of your apps and infrastructure

What you’ll learn
Identify the greatest cyber security threats to your IT systems
Perform a risk assessment that’s specific to your infrastructure
Understand the principles involved with applying risk controls to your security management
Understand the principles involved with incorporating external and internal security audits
Develop a full cyber security incident management plan
Create a security management-focused incident recovery playbook

Cyber Security is scary.

It’s our job as IT managers, admins, developers of one kind or another, or even security management professionals to ensure that our applications and services are running smoothly. And that includes maintaining safe and reliable connectivity for our teams and end users. But no matter how many best-practices and automated monitoring solutions we adopt, there’ll always be another threat trying to ruin your day.

You know you and your team should be doing a better job incorporating security into everything you do, but there are just so many threats out there and just so much to know. Where should you even begin?

In this short introduction to cyber security course, you’ll learn about the core principles driving modern security management operations. We’ll talk about general cyber security awareness and how to perform comprehensive risk assessments for your infrastructure, develop protocols for risk control, and build effective plans for incident management and recovery.

When you’re done, you won’t have any specific new skills for using log analysis, penetration testing, or vulnerability assessment tools. Instead I’ll give you a big picture view of what processes you’ll need to adopt so that you’ll know which tools are right for you, and so you can be confident you’re not leaving anything out.

Who this course is for:
IT project managers looking to plan more secure deployments
System administrators looking to improve the security of their infrastructure
Application developers and admins responsible for infrastructure health
Individuals exploring a career in cyber security management



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