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Insider’s Tips from an Interview Coach

What you’ll learn
Discover the purpose of an interview (beyond getting a job offer)
Insight into what your “personal brand” should entail and how/where to communicate that in your interviews
Learn various ways to prepare for a successful job interview
Apply course insights to gain confidence and improve your interview skills

What makes this course different: it’s like a 1-1 coaching session vs. sitting in a classroom type of learning

Learn from an experienced Interview Coach, Resume Writer & Career Guide!

My classes are more like a conversation than a lecture to keep you interested and engaged

I’m all about supporting job seekers that are looking for a JOB THEY LOVE!

(You can read what some happy clients and class participants have said about me in a sec)

In this upbeat and inviting class of digestible bits & tips (sprinkled with a little fun!), we’ll go over some important insights to support you, on personal and practical levels, to be effective, memorable, and clearly communicate your skills and value in a job interview.

A sample of past clients and class participants feedback about me as an instructor and coach:

“The best part of the presentation was her (presenter’s) personality; she was fun and grabbed attention; focused, and knowledgeable” and “(she was) interesting and informative” and “ helpful information and sincere enthusiasm; the content was important and the rest was refreshing” and “Thank you, it was fun and worth my time.”

-various in-person Interview Skills & Practice workshop participants

One interview coaching client said: “Shannon’s expertise and experience gave me the preparation necessary to give a strong interview and I ended up receiving a job offer. I would definitely recommend her services in preparing for an interview, reviewing/writing a resume or assistance with cover letters.”

Lauren, Special Agent Recruit, FBI, Florida

“Shannon’s fantastic! I had already used other interview coaches. Shannon is WAY better!! I’ve known Shannon for over 7 years and have used her services on numerous occasions. When I walk into an interview, I’m confident because thanks to Shannon, I’m prepared!!”

Sonia, Account & Operations Management and Project Manager

This course is geared toward: You? If so, you are probably an early to mid-level professional with at least some experience interviewing already.

You’re probably already a knowledgeable, talented contributor (or I can help you realize that you are!) You just need some insider’s ideas on how to show employers this so you stand out – and maybe some encouragement!

Most likely, you are interested in working for a small to mid-sized organization (business, non-profit, creative, teaching and other fields) However, this is for anyone that feels drawn to it. All are welcome!

This is an overview course which is expanded upon in more detail in the Prove YOU In the Interview: Answering Behavioral Interview Questions with Example Stories course

This is NOT:

a completely thorough ‘Interviewing 101’ class

geared for a highly competitive, “hustle culture”, “looking for a “hack” type approach

PART 1: The Dual Purpose of an Interview (it’s not JUST about winning the job offer)

Purpose of a resume vs. the interview

Does it fit?

Your value & ways to show it – without bragging

First impressions – honoring your instincts

PART 2: Learn 3 Simple Interview Strategies for Clarity & Confidence (what I teach my clients )

How to show vs. tell – prove your skills

Repetition & ‘Branding’ – you’re marketing YOU!

The BEST way to build confidence in yourself (and the employer in your abilities!)

PART 3: Top 3 Tips on Most Asked Client Questions

What to ask (and not ask) when it’s your turn to ask questions

Avoiding pitfalls of the “Tell me about yourself” question (and what to say instead)

Strengthening your answer to the dreaded, “What is one of your weaknesses?” question

Recovering gracefully from missing (or not understanding) the question (!)

PART 4: How to Handle Some Common (But Awkward) Interview Situations

What should you do if: your interviewer isn’t asking you anything, or, asking you to do a LOT (like a “sample” project)?

PART 5: Small Tips to Make a Big Impression (and differentiate yourself from the competition!)

As a hiring manager friend of mine said, “Not everyone I interview does this, but, I believe I’ve hired every one that did!”

PLUS: I added some bonus documents (see attached pdfs) as a thank you – annnndd – I just couldn’t help myself – there are some great resume tips sprinkled in here as well!

Let me know what was MOST beneficial that you learned in class!

(Tell us in the Comments section, thanks!)

Who this course is for:
Job seekers (best suited for new grads/early career to mid-career professionals or anyone that feels they could benefit from some “insider’s tips” and perspective on job interviews



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