Intermediate Python: Memory, Decorator, Async, Cython & more | Udemy

Intermediate Python: Memory, Decorator, Async, Cython & more | Udemy [Update 01/2024]
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Stand out from the mass. Become a Python expert and understand what the CPython API, PyBind11 and more is.

What you’ll learn
Memory management of variables in Python (Mutability)
The correct use of sequences and iterables
Functions, Decorators, Lambdas etc.
Object orientation and inheritance
The integration of Cython code
Using the Python C API
Async and Parallel Code

The course was updated in November 2023 for the newest Python Version 3.12!

Course Description:

The course covers intermediate to advanced Python programming techniques.
This means that the course is not aimed at programming beginners.
This course is compact, instructive, and useful. You learn not only how to use Python well, but also more abstract concepts that are transferable to other languages, as well as how to create a good programming environment.


Creating and using variables

If-statements, loops and logical expressions

Implementing your own functions and classes

Importing from external packages

In the course we will use Visual Studio Code (VSCode) as the IDE which is free for all operating systems.
I assume that you have already Python 3.8 or newer on your system, if not you could install it via Anaconda for example.

This course consists of the following topics:

Memory management of variables in Python

Mutable and Immutable Types

Shallow and Deep Copies

The correct use of containers (list, dict, set etc.)

f-Strings formatting

Functions and Decorators

args and kwargs Arguments

Object orientation and inheritance

Special Dunder Methods

Dataclass, Enum and NamedTuple

The integration of Cython

Using the Python C API (CPython)

Using PyBind11 (introductory example)

Using Numba and Mypyc

Using multiprocessing and multithreading

Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) in Python

Using asynchronous programming

Become a pro today, in the technology of tomorrow!
See you in class!

Who this course is for:
Python developer with basic knowledge



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