INE – CCNP Embedded Event Manager

INE – CCNP Embedded Event Manager
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Embedded Event Manager (EEM) is an event-driven system on the IOS that allows the IOS to monitor many different aspects of the device, such as interface counters, CLI commands, tracked objects, routing events, and much more. In reaction to these events, EEM can trigger a multitude of responses, such as scripted CLI commands, SNMP traps, reloading of the IOS, creating a syslog message, and generating an email. This gives the device the advantage of being able to monitor itself and incorporate corporate policy in response to failure. Although there are many other third-party utilities to monitor devices and even automate recovery, EEM is local to the device, which allows it to make repairs even during a network communication failure (which would render third-party utilities useless). In this class, you will learn the structure of EEM, its capabilities, how to implement it in the IOS, and how to debug and troubleshoot the process. We will also cover scripting examples to perform some very popular tasks. The course will use the CSR1000v 3.13.00.S (IOS-XE version 15.4(3)S), so you can have this installed in Virtual Machine to follow along, or use our CCIE Routing & Switching v5 Rack Rentals.

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