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Implementing Service Level Objectives | O’Reilly
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Service-level objectives (SLOs)—the bedrock upon which the discipline of site reliability engineering (SRE) was built—have never been more popular. But it can be difficult to find practical advice that helps you actually get started. And while the concepts are easy to learn, it turns out that actually putting them into practice takes much more work than most people realize.

Expert Alex Hidalgo introduces you to an SLO-based approach to reliability and walks you through real-world example applications—showing you how to get started on your SLO journey right away. Learn how to do SLOs the right way to get the data you need to make better decisions, understand your services better, increase your release cadence, and end up with happier customers.

What you’ll learn and how you can apply it
By the end of this course, you’ll understand:

What SLIs, SLOs, and error budgets are
Why this philosophy is essential to adopting site reliability engineering
How this approach can lead to happier engineers, happier users, and a happier business
And you’ll be able to:

Pick meaningful SLI measurements
Choose good SLO targets
Use error budgets to drive decision making
Increase your release cadence
Report on reliability to leadership in a more cohesive manner
You’re an engineer on the front lines and care about the reliability of your service.
You’re a product manager who wants to see a quicker release cadence.
You’re a member of leadership who wants to see better reporting on the reliability of your products and services.




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