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IBM DataPower Development – Basics | Udemy [Update 02/2022]
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Docker, XML Firewall, Multi protocol Gateway, Encryption & Decryption, Sign & Verify, AAA, logging, Error handling

What you’ll learn
Creating Datapower container in Docker and configuration.
How to use command line access.
configure XML firewall service to act as proxy for backend services.
Handling xml and json messages in XML firewall service.
Message transformation.
configuring HTTP and HTTPS protocols for the proxy.
Encryption and decryption.
Sign and verify a messages.
AAA Implementation.
Validating messages.
Logging and Exception Handling.

This course starts with setting up the Datapower environment locally. The initial configuration steps like file management, CLI access, file mounting, etc are explained clearly before starting the development.  Users can set up their own environment in their personal system to develop the gateway services. In this course, Datapower version is configured in the container.

The XML Firewall service is implemented to process generic XML requests and responses transmitted over HTTP. It is also used as a proxy for remote services. Created different types of XML firewall services, loopback service, static backend service, and dynamic backend service. The following policy actions are used for different kinds of services.

  • sign
  • verify
  • encryption
  • decryption
  • validate
  • AAA
  • route
  • transform

Multiprotocol gateway service is implemented to process the XML messages transmitted over HTTP and HTTPS. Creating the private key, public key, and certificates are explained while implementing the security-related services as it is a prerequisite for these services.

Different XML firewall services are created for encryption & decryption action, sign and Verify action, validate action, AAA action, and transform action.

Error handling processing rule is created to handle the errors and send a reply back to the user with a proper error message. Different types are logging are explained.


Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Datapower Developers


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