I.T Backups And Disaster Recovery | Udemy

I.T Backups And Disaster Recovery | Udemy
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Master IT Backups and Disaster Recovery Strategy Planning to protect your Business.

What you’ll learn
Learn about what backups are in the I.T Industry and why they are so critical to every business and organisation
Gather insight on what a Disaster Recovery plan is and how it can save your business
Understand the 3-2-1-1-0 Rule and why it’s used as a best practice by so many backup vendors
Learn the different types of Backups, such as Full, Differential and Incremental backups
Understand Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives (RPO and RTO)
See how different backup tools can complement your Data protection plan
Identify what you need to consider when creating a Backup Plan
Spend a section learning how to Plan and Implement Backup Solutions



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