Huawei – HCIA-Security 4.0

Huawei – HCIA-Security 4.0
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This course is for HCIA-Security V4.0. This course introduces the concept of information security, information security standards and specifications, common attack methods, firewall security policies, firewall NAT technology, firewall dual-system hot backup technology, intrusion prevention technology, cryptography basics, PKI mechanism, and IPSec/SSL VPN technology. Starting from the basic concepts of network security, this paper explains the key technologies used in network security in detail, providing reference and guidance for understanding and getting started with network security.

Course Objectives
Master the basic knowledge and related technologies of small and medium-sized network information security. (Huawei firewall technologies, encryption and decryption technologies, and PKI certificate system). Be able to build information security networks for small enterprises and ensure the security of networks and applications for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Target Trainee(s)
Junior network security engineers who want to be capable of information security, basic technical capabilities of network security planning and deployment for small- and medium-sized enterprises, and engineers who want to master the operation, maintenance, and deployment of Huawei USG firewalls, and obtain the HCIA-Security certification.

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