HTMX + Django: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript Course | Take Python

HTMX + Django: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript Course | Take Python [Update 09/2023]
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Course Summary
htmx is one of the hottest properties 🔥 in web development today, and for good reason. This framework, along with the libraries and techniques introduced in this course, will have you writing the best Python web apps you’ve ever written: clean, fast, and interactive without all that frontend overhead.

If you are a Python web developer that has wanted to build more dynamic, interactive apps, but just don’t want to (or can’t) write a significant portion of your app in a rich frontend JavaScript framework, you’ll absolutely love htmx. This library lets you write Python code you love and still add that clientside interactive aspect.

What students are saying
When I first learned how to interface Python with the multitude of web services and data sources on the internet, a whole new world of automation opened up for me.

Python is a fantastic language to connect different services and to process data from all kinds of sources. But trying to find good tutorials on how to work with these services and their variety of data formats had me smacking my head against the table… That is until I found “Consuming HTTP Services in Python”.

What I love about Michael’s course is that it covers the whole spectrum-from web scraping with BeautifulSoup to parsing JSON from well-structured RESTful APIs.

So whether you’re dealing with plain binary data, JSON or XML encoded responses, or even SOAP services, the course always has your back.

“Consuming HTTP Services in Python” is organized well and easy to follow along. Michael’s delivery as an instructor clear and to the point. The editing work is excellent. As a result I can highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn more about interfacing with data sources on the web using Python
— Dan Bader



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