HTML5 & CSS3 Beginners Guide to Web Development from Scratch | Udemy

HTML5 & CSS3 Beginners Guide to Web Development from Scratch | Udemy
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In this course you will learn about HTML5 & CSS3 from Scratch. Covering every topic required to become a Web Developer.

What you’ll learn
You will learn to build websites from scratch with HTML5 & CSS3
Write clean code, which is readable and easy to edit and maintain
Learn all the fundamentals of coding a complete website from scratch
Learn how to create custom wireframes before building a website
Learn how to make images and other components of a webpage responsive
You will learn to create reusable snippets using the DRY (Don’t Repeat Youself)
You will learn to create custom layouts for any website
Create custom beautiful dropdown menus with in-depth linking
Create image slideshow with easy to use jQuery plugins
Customize and style your website with CSS and make site responsive
You will learn to integrate HTML5 Audio, Video and Google Maps
Create advanced HTML5 forms for collecting user information
Add HTML5 Forms validation to validate user data
Create nested links within the content to build internal links
Connect multiple pages together to work as a complete HTML5 Website
Create Custom CSS3 Animations within the HTML5 website
Build RWD (Responsive Web Design) web pages for mobile usability
Create products within the HTML5 page with a custom CSS3 layout
Add services to your HTML5 and CSS3 website

Hi, Thank you for choosing this HTML5 & CSS3 Beginners Guide to Web Development from Scratch course. This course is a beginner’s guide to becoming a web developer from scratch. Although this course is intended for beginners, everyone including professionals can take the course. This course acts as a refresher for your professional skills.

With the help of this course, you will be able to code and create your websites without any reference. This course is focused on building your skills in HTML5 & CSS3 so that you can learn to build your websites.

The web platform is so vast that there are numerous web frameworks for developing websites. But the most important and the untold truth is that all those frameworks when going live, use HTML as their front-end and CSS as their design platform.

We will be focusing on building websites, especially on HTML5 & CSS3. I have made this course in such a way that you can learn the easiest way possible. For you to better understand this course, I have divided this course into Seven (7) sections. Making every topic easier and in detailed.

In the 1st section, you will learn what is HTML, HTML5, CSS, and CSS3. Then you will learn what’s required to get started with this course or building websites. Then we will install VS Code or Visual Studio Code and build our 1st webpage.

In the 2nd section, you will learn about different types of tags available in HTML and HTML5. You will learn the complete document structure of HTML5 and what every element do in it. We will go through some HTML basics, and we will start building our web page with Headings and paragraphs.

Once we get into developing our web pages, you will then learn how to format text in your webpage. You will then learn how-to links and nested links to connect internal and external pages within your web page.

Then you will learn how to create different types of lists for your web page. You will also learn how to add images to your website locally and external linking. Then you will learn how to organize data within a table with the help of table tags, rows, and columns in table tags.

In the 3rd section, you will learn how to work with modern web forms in HTML5. Forms are the way how you can collect user data and process it. With the help of forms, you will learn how to create an Advanced contact form, login form, and a Registration form completely from scratch.

In the 4th section, you will learn about HTML5 media items. Media is one of the most important and interactive parts of the web. In this class, you will learn how to group elements, use Iframes to integrate web pages, figure tags to display mode images, and Audio and Video tags to display and play music and videos within your web page.

In the 5th section, you will start preparing for our website project. This is where the website structure comes in part. You will learn the most required and important HTML5 Semantic elements to structure your website. You will learn how to create a Header, Navigation, Web Banner, Contents, Sidebar, Footer, and copyright section of your web page.

In the 6th section, you will learn everything about CSS and styling. With the help of CSS or Cascading Styles Sheet, you will learn how to create a custom design for your website and write custom styles. You will learn how to create Inline styles, Internal Styles and External Styles. You will learn to work with the Box model and target web page elements with external CSS.

In the 7th section, you will start working on the Real-Life project. you will learn to create a fully functional website from scratch with all the pages. These pages will include the About Page, Services Page, Products page & Contact page too.

Then you will learn how to work with Responsive Design with Media Query. You will learn how to add different media queries to create breakpoints for different devices.

Finally, you will learn how to add custom Animations to your web page with the help of CSS3 animations.

Throughout the course, if you have any doubts or queries you can always reach me via the Q and A section, or contact me directly via Udemy’s DM. I am always here to help and guide you.

Hope you love the Course. All the best.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who is interested to learn How to build websites
Anyone who is willing to code from scratch
Beginners who are interested to learn HTML5 and CSS3
Anyone who is looking to build their career in Web design and development



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