How To Make Money As A I.T Computer Contractor | Udemy

How To Make Money As A I.T Computer Contractor | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
What you can expect to earn as a contractor
Help getting your first contract
Having your first interview and being in control
Negotiating contract terms with your agent.
Contract renewals

I have made in excess of £1.8 million pounds as a computer contractor by making the right decisions, this book will help you not make the same silly mistakes I see everyday you will be amazed. This book will show you how to start a consulting business and explains what is consulting. The course will also explain how I became a contractor and how I made over 1 million pounds on my own. I was earning £11k per year within 4 years of leaving University as a computer programmer. I had just got married bought a house and was working long hours to pay the bills. Yes, we all know what it’s like!

Give your family what they deserve.

I wrote this course using my 25 years experience as a computer contractor to help people to make the move as a permanent employee to contracting. As I wrote the course I remembered all of the obstacles and mistakes I had made along the way. It covers simple techniques in securing the best deal on a contract or ensuring you hit the right notes at interviews.

What you can expect to earn as a contractor?

Is contracting right for you?

Tailoring your CV to market yourself.

Help getting your first contract.

What computing skills do you have to offer to the market?

The money side of things.

Negotiating contract terms with your agent.

Choosing the right recruitment agency to represent you.

Having your first interview and being in control.

The first day on the contract.

Contract renewals.

Your last day on a contract.

Taking holidays.


I have been a Computer IT Contractor since 1991 and can say I have never struggled for work. I have and continue to make good money from it and enjoy the variety of work and the independence it brings. It allows me to afford nice things for my family, home, holidays and cars.

I started contracting in 1991 after I had just got married and purchased my first home with a 100% mortgage this is not possible today since the banks have been regulated more stringently. I was in a steady permanent job at the time making £11000 gross per annum. In a nutshell my wife and I could not manage to pay the bills and last to the end of the month, debts were mounting and guess what the cars kept on breaking down.

What could go wrong did go wrong costing all the time, I think we have all been there at some point in our lives. Anyway we struggled month by month and we could just about afford the mortgage on the house. The straw that broke the camel’s back came just after Christmas , we had our house burgled and all our presents had been stolen and I received my annual bonus from the company I worked for which was £125! I knew the end was near financially, how would a bonus of £125 get me out of this.

At the time I was receiving a free weekly contractor magazine called ‘Freelance Informer’ this had interesting articles on computer contracting and more importantly highly paid contracts.

The penny dropped I decided time to start computer contracting and start making some real money.

This course explains the steps needed to make the transition from a permanent job to a contract. The course also explains the pitfalls, things to watch out for and more importantly how to keep finding work and some very useful tips.

Who this course is for:
I.T professional staff working in permanent positions who are not earning what they should.
People who want a more flexible working lifestyle.
Working people who want to aquire the better things in life.

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