How Blockchains Will Change Business | LinkedIn

How Blockchains Will Change Business | LinkedIn
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Blockchains are poised to disrupt entrenched industries and shatter conventional business models. Train your brain to see the opportunities and challenges of this next wave of digital change, before the way we do business is again reshaped by new technology. This jargon-free course can help you get up to speed. Join Alison McCauley, the best-selling author of Unblocked: How Blockchains Will Change Your Business (and What to Do about It), as she goes over what blockchains offer companies, as well as how this technology will impact everything from finance to HR.

Alison begins by explaining what blockchains accomplish, how they make it safer for everyone to work together, and where they do—and do not—deliver value. Then, she details the new tools that blockchains offer business, including how they can help you discern what’s real from what’s false in your digital world. Plus, learn how blockchains can impact different departments within your business, from finance to HR.

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