Houdini School – Small Scale Fluids (HS-235)

Houdini School – Small Scale Fluids (HS-235)
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This course offers a unique approach to creating small-scale fluids specifically designed for macro-style shot sequences in production. In this 2-session course, students will delve into various concepts, including good surface tension approaches, custom fluid simulation control, and workflow techniques/hacks. Topics covered include, project setup do’s and don’ts, FLIP settings (emission and variable viscosity), basic forces, working with collision objects for optimization, meshing, advanced use of forces, VDB techniques, fluid bending, and lookdev using rendering engines like Redshift and Karma.

Learning Outcomes:
You will leave the course with a better understanding of FLIP simulations for unique shot cases, including the advantages and disadvantages inherent in these scenarios. Additionally, you will learn valuable workflow practices utilized by Jacktone in his client work. By the end of the course, you will be ready to apply these new skills to real-world projects.

121 lessons
6.5 hours of video content

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