Hashicorp Vault Production setup for SRE | Udemy

Hashicorp Vault Production setup for SRE | Udemy
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Learn quickly on what Vault is, why we need it, how to set it up & secure it on production

What you’ll learn
Know why we need Vault
Know what is Sealing and unsealing of Vault
Differences between Dev mode & Prod mode Vault
Setting up Vault TLS with TLS MySQL backend

As an engineer, one has to implement secure solutions. One such need for the day is securing user data, that too private data like Credit card details, govt ID details, phone numbers and user passwords. As a robust and easy solution to that, we have Hashicorp Vault. Hashicorp Vault is an opensource software from Hashicorp. Vault is used to manage secrets.

What is a secret?

Secrets can be considered as anything that one uses to authenticate, authorize themselves. Secrets are also pieces of information that are private to any user.

In this course:

1. We will quickly take a headstart on what Vault is and why we need it. The instructor has used Mind Maps to illustrate about this.

2. We will look at what is seal and unseal of Vault

3. We will learn how to setup the Dev Mode Vault server to get started quickly

4. We will learn the difference between Dev Mode and Prod mode server

5. We will learn how to setup the Production Mode Vault server with file storage

6. We will learn how to secure Production Mode Vault server from attacks.

7. We will learn about the Vault User Policies to restrict access

8. We will convert Vault into a High Available Cluster using MySQL backend

9. As a bonus you will also learn how to setup MySQL server with TLS.

Who is this course for?

This course is for Site Reliability Engineers / System Administrators who want to setup a secure and production level Hashicorp Vault server. This course will cover the setup process in detail since that is the crucial part of Hashicorp Vault.

About me:

Hi, I’m Tharun, a Site Reliability Engineer who is passionate about spreading knowledge.

See you inside the course.

Who this course is for:
SRE who wants to know how to setup a production ready Hashicorp Vault server





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