Harvard Business Review Editors – Business Communication

Harvard Business Review Editors – Business Communication
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From the introduction: Communication is an essential function of enterprise. Whether written or oral, it is the conduit through which an enterprise speaks to its customers. It is management’s mechanism for influencing employees and directing the work they do. And it is the means through which employees provide the information and feedback that management needs to make sound decisions. An organization that is clear, consistent, and effective in its communications with customers, employees, shareholders, creditors, and the community is in a good position to establish trust and to elicit their collaboration.

What is true about communication at the enterprise level applies equally at the individual level. People who are good communicators are more successful at advancing in their careers, other factors being equal. Think for a moment about the people you’ve most admired in your own professional life-people who have moved ahead to leadership positions. They may be colleagues, division heads, CEOs, managers, board members, or industry spokespersons. In addition to having other qualities, these people are probably very good communicators, right? When they speak to a group, send a letter, or talk to you one-on-one, their messages are thought-out, focused, and purposeful. They use every communication opportunity to engage people, share information, or advance their agendas.

Communication skills are an essential element of leadership. Scholars have known for a long time that effective leaders excel at communicating purpose, ideas, and direction to others. Though few would be described as eloquent, all effective leaders are clear and consistent in their communications-and that inspires confidence in others.

Business Communication, part of the Harvard Business Essentials series, addresses communication at the individual level. The aim is to help you become a more effective communicator in your writing, in your presentations, and in your one-on-one dealings with others.

1 Good Writing
2 Start-Up Strategies
3 The First Draft
4 Getting It Right
5 Everyday Writing
6 Presentations
7 Backstage
8 Show Time
9 Dialogue
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Published: 2003 by Harvard Business Review Press
ISBN: 1422131726

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