gRPC Masterclass with Java & Spring Boot [3.2.0] | Udemy

gRPC Masterclass with Java & Spring Boot [3.2.0] | Udemy [Update 04/2023]
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Unlock the Power of gRPC for Scalable and Efficient API Design in Microservices Architecture

What you’ll learn
Complete gRPC from scratch
10X Performance
Spring Boot Integration
Inter microservice communication
Unary, Client Streaming, Server Streaming & Bi Directional Streaming API
Load Balancing
Protocol Buffers / Protobuf
Metadata / Context / CallOptions

** Mastering gRPC: Building High-Performance Microservices with Protocol Buffers and Spring Boot **

Embark on a transformative journey with Mastering gRPC” a comprehensive course designed to empower you with the skills to build high-performance microservices using cutting-edge technologies — Protocol Buffers and Spring Boot. Dive into the world of gRPC and discover how this revolutionary technology can elevate your microservices architecture, achieving up to 10 times the performance compared to traditional REST-based communication.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Protocol Buffers (Protobuf):
    • Master Protobuf from scratch, understanding Google’s language-neutral and platform-neutral serialization format for structured data.
  2. Introduction to gRPC:
    • Explore the benefits of gRPC for microservices communication.
    • Delve into the different RPC types supported by gRPC, including Unary API, Client Streaming API, Server Streaming API, and Bidirectional Streaming API.
  3. Load Balancing:
    • Address challenges in load balancing with gRPC.
    • Explore various load balancing strategies and implement them with gRPC.
  4. Authentication:
    • Implement user session token passing for authentication in gRPC.
    • Explore client service token passing for authorization in gRPC.
  5. Error Handling:
    • Master error handling techniques in gRPC.
    • Utilize Protobuf OneOf for error handling and explore error handling through exceptions.
  6. Spring Boot Integration:
    • Integrate gRPC seamlessly with Spring Boot microservices.
    • Develop multiple services and ensure smooth integration between them
  7. Best Practices and Real-World Considerations:
    • Discuss best practices for gRPC-based microservices development.
    • Address real-world challenges and considerations in gRPC implementations.

Course Content:

  • Learning Protobuf from scratch
  • Understanding the benefits of gRPC for microservices communication
  • Challenges and considerations in load balancing with gRPC
  • Passing user session tokens and client service tokens for authentication
  • Error handling techniques in gRPC
  • Integrating gRPC with Spring Boot microservices
  • Best practices for gRPC-based microservices development

Join this course and unlock the power of gRPC to build highly performant, scalable, and efficient microservices using Protocol Buffers and Spring Boot. Gain the skills necessary to overcome common challenges in microservices communication, achieve superior performance, and streamline your API design with gRPC.

Who this course is for:

  • Any Developer / Architect who is interested in Microservice Development / Architecture


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