GPT-4 Data Analyst: Analyze Data in Seconds | Udemy

GPT-4 Data Analyst: Analyze Data in Seconds | Udemy
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Genre: eLearning

Leverage the Powerful ChatGPT-4 to Clean, Manipulate, Analyze Data and Develop ML Models Instantly, Easily and Smoothly.

What you’ll learn
Learn to efficiently prepare and clean datasets using GPT-4, including handling missing data, outliers, and data type conversions.
Master the use of GPT-4 for advanced data manipulation tasks, such as merging datasets, creating pivot tables, and applying conditional logic.
Gain proficiency in using GPT-4 to perform complex data analysis, including statistical analysis, trend identification, and pattern recognition.
Develop skills to utilize GPT-4 for creating and interpreting a variety of data visualizations, such as histograms, scatter plots, and line graphs.
Learn to apply GPT-4 for predictive analytics, including random forest regressor and other machine learning models.
Acquire the ability to automate repetitive data analysis tasks using GPT-4, enhancing efficiency and productivity.



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