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GitHub Enterprise – Certified | Pragmatic AI Solutions
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GitHub Enterprise – Certified

Learning the GitHub Enterprise Certification Material

This course covers all seven domains of the the GitHub Enterprise Certification Lessons Covered Include:

Domain 1: Support GitHub Enterprise for users and key stakeholders
Distinguish admin tasks vs needing GitHub Support
Generate support bundles and diagnostics
Identify underutilized features, integrations, active teams/repos
Recommend standards for workflows, branching, code review, automation
Explain tooling ecosystem and CI/CD strategy
Recommend workflows and tooling to teams
Use GitHub APIs to extend admin capabilities
Find Marketplace assets for specific needs
Contrast GitHub Apps vs actions
Implications of enabling SAML SSO for orgs/enterprise
Steps to enable and enforce SAML SSO
Require two-factor authentication
Supported identity providers
GitHub identity management and authorization
Authentication and authorization model
Supported SCIM providers
How SCIM and team sync works
Capabilities of GHES, GHEC, GHAE
Billing models including licenses, Actions, Packages
License usage statistics for orgs, enterprise, machine accounts
Consumption of metered products
Enterprise permissions and policies
Organization permissions
Team permissions
Repository permissions
How GitHub supports enterprise security
Scrubbing sensitive data
Choosing policies for control required
Impacts of policies
Organization and enterprise policies
Use audit log APIs to explain missing assets
Security features of GitHub repositories
Create security response plan
SSH keys and deploy keys
Distribute actions and workflows in enterprise
Manage runners
Manage encrypted secrets
Supported Packages
Accessing, writing, and sharing Packages
Using Packages in workflows
Contrasting Packages and releases
Manage user access and permissions across GitHub Enterprise environments through authentication, organizations, teams, and repositories.
Establish secure development practices and compliance controls with GitHub features.
Distribute and manage GitHub Actions across the enterprise.
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Domain 2: Manage user identities and GitHub authentication

Domain 3: Describe deployment, distribution, licensing

Domain 4: Manage access and permissions

Domain 5: Enable secure development and compliance Domain 6: Manage GitHub Actions

Domain 7: Manage GitHub Packages Learning Objectives Additional Popular Resources



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