Git Essential Training | LinkedIn

Git Essential Training | LinkedIn
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If you’ve ever wondered why someone should use Git or how to use it for version control, this is a great course to get started. Azure MVP and GitHub Star Barbara Forbes guides you through the installation process, the Git workflow, setting up and pushing code into a repo, and committing changes, all with a focus on version control and how Git can help you achieve it. Find out why people use Git. Learn how Git works, locally or through a provider, and how you can get it installed, configured, and running the way you need it to work. Follow the full process of pushing your code with Git, then explore ways to make changes to files. Discover important concepts in Git, like how to ignore files you don’t want to include, how branching can help you with development, what should be in a commit, and how to troubleshoot if you get into trouble. Plus, get current instruction on using GitHub Star and Microsoft MVP.

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