Gene Maryushenko – SaaS Conversion Strategies Database

Gene Maryushenko – SaaS Conversion Strategies Database
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What You Get:

✅ 210 tested strategies for home pages, landing pages, onboarding & copywriting to kickstart your growth.

✅ Detailed explanations & visual examples.

✅ Forget $10,000/mo A/B testing ideas – you get over 200 instantly.

✅ Fix issues you didn’t even know existed.

✅ You decide where to start – least effort or most impact.

✅ The best foundation for SaaS founders just getting started.

✅ A/B testing idea heaven for startup teams of 2-20 people.

✅ Guaranteed more revenue or your money back 100%

✅ 549 customers already leveling up (closer to 1,000 outside of gumroad sales)

Why Swipe?

The database contains everything a busy SaaS founder wished they knew without having to spend years learning it.

I created this resource after auditing 60+ companies, working at several CRO agencies and designing countless landing pages and A/B tests. Of course, I also curated winning ideas with actual lifts in conversions from real life A/B tests.

The agencies I worked at would start clients at $10,000/mo and run a handful of A/B tests. Companies were basically paying for a handful of ideas and a bit of elbow grease.

I thought, forget that! I’ll arm people with 200+ ideas and let them see the results for themselves, saving a lot of money in the process while seeing more customers, conversions and revenue.

It saves me from spending countless hours looking at individual businesses (performing my own audits) and helps SaaS founders access an affordable resource to kickstart their conversions & sales. Win-win.

Does it work?

The strategies in this file come from winning A/B tests for my personal and agency clients. So, yes, they work. Of course, the milage may vary depending on your current situation, but I have never seen a single SaaS business who was doing everything perfectly. My audits typically find at least 10 A/B testing ideas for clients, and this file contains 200! It is very likely that even a single strategy will dramatically improve your signups and sales.

What’s inside?

Inside, you’ll find access to a sortable Airtable database. You can sort it by least effort, or most impact, or by the page type. I also include a PDF version in case you’d rather just look through it when you have time – on any device.



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