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Fundamentals of Vulnerability Management | Cybrary
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Get an introduction to protecting your network with this Fundamentals of Vulnerability Management training. Ken Underhill explains how to use automation to manage vulnerabilities and goes over the vulnerability management lifecycle. You’ll walk away with a solid framework and understanding of different types of vulnerabilities and assessments.

Course Goals
By the end of this course, students should be able to:
Understand different types of vulnerabilities
Understand different types of vulnerability assessments
Understand the vulnerability management life cycle
What is Vulnerability Management?
Vulnerability management is a continuous information security risk process that requires the oversight of management. The process encompasses a four-tier approach that includes discovery, reporting, prioritization, and response. Ideally, a solid vulnerability management framework will ensure that every process and sub-process within it is part of a continuous cycle that improves information security and reduces the chances that flaws in the design or code compromise the security of network assets.
What Does the Vulnerability Management Training Course Cover?
In our online Fundamentals of Vulnerability Management training course, you will learn to use popular scanning tools, how to prepare and deliver accurate progress reports, and how to implement improved system coverage. You will have a thorough understanding of vulnerability assessment and management and will be prepared to provide your organization with the knowledge and oversight required to automatically determine weaknesses (internally and externally) in network processes, report those vulnerabilities, and resolve them. This vulnerability management training is self-paced and contains 1.2 hours of clock time for the included lessons. Upon finishing the course, you will have earned 1.2 CEU/CPE and you will receive a Certificate of Completion.
Why Take the Vulnerability Management Class?
There is an increasing need for businesses and organizations to employ vulnerability assessments as the number of threats and cyber-attacks continue to grow. Many companies, business entities, and medical facilities now have to maintain compliance regarding vulnerability assessment and management. Due to the complexity and problem-solving aspects of vulnerability assessment, adhering to compliance-related rules and regulations can be an overwhelming endeavor for many organizations. However, for a properly trained and educated Vulnerability Management Analyst, it is much simpler. The job outlook for Vulnerability Management Analysts, and other related positions, is favorable, as cybercrime isn’t going to go away any time soon. This area of information security is similar to penetration testing, but vulnerability assessment doesn’t include exploitation. That means that understanding the content of this online training can be a huge benefit to IT professionals who currently work in penetration testing. In addition to a favorable job outlook, the earning potential for vulnerability assessment and management professionals is higher than many other industries. The average base pay for a Vulnerability Management Analyst is $73,891 per year.

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