Fundamentals of Cyber Security | Orhan Ergun

Fundamentals of Cyber Security | Orhan Ergun
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Overview of Fundamentals of Cyber Security
Imagine a worker working with data at a computer. Her company’s private documents are secretly accessed by a hacker in the background. He misappropriates private data and sells it to criminals, who use it to demand a ransom from the business. Although it is a hot topic, do you realize why cybersecurity is so important? In the digital age that we now inhabit, data is everything. It is important to realize how much more susceptible personal data is today.

Data breaches and incidences of identity theft that affect millions of customers are topics we frequently hear about. Although it sounds like something from a movie, it happens frequently in today’s online environment. Due to the importance of cyber security in modern corporate strategies, there is an increased need for cyber security experts.

Cybersecurity is a procedure created to safeguard devices and networks from outside attacks. Businesses frequently hire cyber security experts to safeguard their private data, preserve staff productivity, and increase customer confidence in their goods and services.

In this course, you will learn how cyber security functions, why it’s necessary, what data protection professionals perform, and how to become one, in this introduction to the field. You can participate in the fight that all businesses and institutions are engaged in to defend their data from hackers and thieves.

The course as well contain LABS to help you engage more and interact with the CYBER WORLD.



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