Full Stack Development With Next.js: Markdown App | Udemy

Full Stack Development With Next.js: Markdown App | Udemy
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Build and Deploy a Markdown Note Taking App with NextJS, PostgreSQL, TailwindCSS, and Vercel

What you’ll learn
Build a markdown note taking app with NextJS
Work with PostgreSQL and the pg library
Work with TablePlus database client
Use server actions and server components
Validate data with the zod library
Manage state with React Context and useReducer
Build a recursive component for rendering nested tree structure
Implement a drag and drop UI for organizing notes
Build NextJS API routes
Use NextJS layouts, parallel routes, and route groups to structure the front end code
Authenticate users with bcrypt and JWT
Style application with TailwindCSS
Use react-ace and react-markdown to build the markdown editor
Work with TypeScript
Deploy app to Vercel

Embark on a dynamic journey into Full Stack Web Development with our “Full Stack Development With Next.js: Markdown App” Course. This meticulously crafted program guides you through the essentials of Next.js, PostgreSQL, TailwindCSS, and Vercel, empowering you to swiftly build and deploy a fully functional web application. Delve into key areas such as front-end state management, database schema design, and the implementation of server actions for secure authentication. Our course strikes a balance, offering practical insights into each technology without overwhelming detail. Whether you’re building the home page, login/signup forms, or intricate features like a nested tree-structured sidebar, we provide hands-on guidance. This course is not just about learning; it’s about applying and exploring Full Stack Development in a pragmatic, efficient manner. Are you ready to elevate your skills?

Introduction: An initial section covering course prerequisites, technologies, a project demo, and other essential details.

Initial Setup: Dive into the project by setting up the repository and configuring dark mode.

Database Development: Explore designing the database schema and creating a script to seed the database with mock data.

Home Page: Build the home page and understand Next.js route groups in a concise section.

Log In Page: Construct the login form utilizing server actions, JWT, and jose for secure authentication.

Sign Up Page: Develop the signup page using server actions for a seamless user registration process.

Dashboard Page: Focus on the dashboard layout using Next.js parallel routes. Learn about React Context and reducers for efficient state management.

Sidebar Page: Comprehensive coverage of building the sidebar for organizing notes in a nested tree structure. Emphasis on state management with React Context and implementing drag-and-drop user interactions.

Content Page: Build the markdown editor section of the app. This section is brief as open-source libraries will be used for implementation.

Published Page: Construct the Published View of the web app, leveraging server components. Implement sorting and searching on the server side.

Deployment: A section on deploying the app to Vercel. Assumes students already have a GitHub and Vercel account and are familiar with pushing code to GitHub.

Who this course is for:
Beginner and intermediate developers
Anyone wanting to learn how to use NextJS and open source libraries to build a basic markdown note taking app
Expert developers may NOT find value in this course





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