[Update Links] ForeScout Network Access Control- Admin training | Udemy

ForeScout Network Access Control- Admin training | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Corporate Challenges which acted as founding stone for NAC
What is NAC and Introduction to ForeScout
ForeScout NAC Solution -Key Features
ForeScout Context Based Visibility for Endpoints
ForeScout Offerings- Appliance Roles, Modules and Appliance Options
ForeScout NAC Solution Architecture- Enterprise Manager, CounterACT, SecureConnector, Recovery Manager
ForeScout Modules – Basic and Extended
Different ForeScout licenses for different features
ForeScout NAC Solution Deployment Options
ForeScout Installation in Lab
ForeScout Initial Setup Wizard
ForeScout Channels and Interfaces
How ForeScout NAC solution works?
ForeScout Policy Lifecycle – For Endpoints
ForeScout NAC – Switch Management and logic
ForeScout NAC – Switch AutoDiscovery
ForeScout NAC configuration to communicate with User Directory Services, Domain Servers
ForeScout Policy Elements – Main Rules, Sub Rules, Conditions, Actions, Criteria for Condition evaluation, Scope, Segments, Scope
High Level Design for ForeScout policies
ForeScout NAC – Policy Configuration for Classification
ForeScout NAC – Policy Configuration for Windows Devices Detailed Classification
ForeScout NAC – Assessment Policy Configuration for Windows Devices
ForeScout NAC – Control Policy Configuration for Windows and Unknown Devices
ForeScout NAC – Installation and configuration of Palo Alto extended module
ForeScout NAC – Policy configuration for Integration of ForeScout and Palo Alto Next Generation Firewalls
ForeScout NAC – Backups
ForeScout Compliance portal, Asset Inventory and Reports
Download ForeScout Console Application and SecureConnector Agent
TCP/UDP ports required for enabling communication between ForeScout and network components
ForeScout Network Access Control # ForeScout Network Access Prevention #ForeScout NAC # ForeScout CounterACT #ForeScout cACT
ForeScout Actions and Categories- Remediate, Restrict, Audit, Authenticate, Notify etc.
ForeScout Policy Templates, Folders, Export or Import Policies

ForeScout has been a leading NAC solution for years. It is so easy to design, deploy and manage the ForeScout platform. We bring you this course on ForeScout Network Access Control Admin training for beginner and intermediate levels, prepared by Industry experts. This course is only for knowledge sharing and educational purposes. It comprises of theory and lab exercises. In this course, you will learn the various aspects for the Network Access Control solution provided by ForeScout including the ForeScout NAC Key features like Detection, Classification, Assessment, Control and 3rd party integration. We will cover the Architecture for ForeScout NAC including the different components like Enterprise Manager, CounterACT, SecureConnector Agent, Recovery Manager. Then we will cover the ForeScout Modules( Basic and Extended) which control the different functionalities of ForeScout, followed by the different ForeScout feature licenses and the various products offered by ForeScout. We will see how Architects can deploy ForeScout using Central, Distributed and Mixed options. The course contains the information about Endpoint Policy life cycle management using ForeScout. The course includes installation of ForeScout OS in virtual environment along with the initial setup wizard to setup communication with switches, domain servers and other required settings. We will cover labs for different ForeScout configurations like segments, policies for Classification, Assessment, Control. We will also see how ForeScout can be integrated with Palo Alto NGFW using the eye Extend module to enhance the security posture using dynamic object based policies instead of static IP based policies.

Who this course is for:
Entry level for ForeScout NAC Administration
Network & Security Analysts
Network & Security Architects
IT Security, Risk, Compliance professionals who want to know ForeScout features
ForeScout Basic Troubleshooting and checking logs
Anyone looking to learn ForeScout
Endpoint Management team
Inventory Management team



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