Flutter Group Chat BLoC Pattern | TDD | Clean Architecture | Udemy

Flutter Group Chat BLoC Pattern | TDD | Clean Architecture | Udemy
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Flutter Clean Architecture

What you’ll learn
Flutter TDD
Flutter Clean Architecture
Flutter TDD & Clean Architecture
Flutter State Management BLoC
BLoC Group Chat
BLoC Video Player

This is course where we will cover what is clean architecture in detail with step by step example. We will also talk about why it important and how it plays an important role for big projects and how a team can collaborate with their projects if the project is done using clean architecture and how each of the project is dependent. It comes in two parts. Students must buy each part separately.

This app cover 100 TDD and detail explanation of Clean Architecture with BLoC, Provider and Cubit

This app uses firebase as backend and chatting. All data is saved in the firebase and the login also happens through firebase. You get notifications in different cases.

You may get notification for joining a group and notification is a new course or exam is uploaded.

There’s an admin side of this app, where you may upload courses to firebase and the app reads that immediately. You may upload many exams or courses.

The exam result comes out automatically and immediately. Students can review their result and recheck the test.

You will have a screen video player section which could be fullscreen or half screen. You get to play video from a link or local storage.

Profile center provides name, password and avatar change.

This course also covers dedicated TDD section clear examples. So the first 6 hours of this course we take a look at a dummy app to know about TDD and clean architecture.

We heavily covers in group chat in this tutorial. Flutter group chat is a difficult feature to implement. We have done it using BLoC and Clean Architecture

Who this course is for:
Intermediate to advanced learners





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