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Low and High Fidelity ,Animations, Multi-Dimentional Variables, Colors, Text, Icons and Plugins with Prototyping

What you’ll learn
With Figma, you can create fully interactive prototypes, work with UX personas, and design simple wireframes.
You’ll also learn how to implement colors and images properly, choose appropriate fonts for web and mobile apps, and create your own icons, buttons, and other U
You will learn how to use photopea to enhance your design
Whether you want to design websites or mobile phone apps, this course will teach you everything you need to know about working with fonts and colors.
collaborating with team members and exporting the appropriate files for your developer or software engineer.
You’ll even learn how to create your first UX brief and persona, and pick up professional workflow tricks and shortcuts.
You will learn how to create various UI/UX design effects including Glasmorphism, Neomorphism and Skeuomorphism .you will receive a comprehensive guide on
Best of all, you’ll be able to add “UX designer” to your CV with confidence, knowing that you have the skills and knowledge to succeed in this exciting field.
Throughout the course, you’ll build a UX project from beginning to end, and learn what clients expect from a UX designer.
You’ll also learn how to create a simple style guide for client handoff, and make both simple and advanced micro interactions, page transitions, and animations.
With videos of detailed Figma and UX/UI design content, you’ll have all the techniques used by UX professionals at your fingertips.

Hello and welcome to complete UI/UX Mega Course using Figma for Beginners, my name is Elisha Nanyong and I am glad to be your instructor in this journey to become a UI/UX Designer using Figma. This design tool will help us create stunning interfaces and engaging prototypes.

In this course, we are specifically catering to beginners who are new to design and the field of user experience design. Even if you’re unsure about what UI UX design is all about, don’t worry, we will start from the basics and work our way up step by step.

We will begin by discussing the brief and how to work with a UX persona. Then we will dive into creating simple wireframes. We will learn about incorporating colors and images into high fidelity mockups as we progress. You will also learn about the dos and don’ts of choosing fonts for web and mobile apps.

Moreover, we will cover topics such as creating icons, buttons and other UI components, as well as advanced concepts like component sets, constraints, and multi-dimensional variants that are easier to understand the moment we start getting our hands dirty. To make our workflow smoother, we will also be using free UI kits and plugins in Figma.

By the end of this course, you will have a complete understanding of how to create simple and advanced micro-interactions, page transitions, and animations. You will be able to build fully interactive prototypes ready for user testing, collaborate with other team members, and export the right files for handoff to your developer or software engineer.

Throughout the course, I will set assignments to help you practice and develop your skills, and by the end of it, you will have something unique to showcase in your portfolio. So let’s upgrade ourselves and go from Figma novice to Figma Professional. Sign up today and I will see you in class.

Who this course is for:
This course is designed for individuals who are looking to incorporate Figma into their career and get paid for their user experience design skills.
It is specifically tailored to beginners, newbies, and amateurs in the field of UX design who are new to the world of design and user experience.
If you need to add “UX Design” to your portfolio or are interested in learning the essentials of UI and UX design, this course is for you.



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