Excel VBA Basic to Super Advance Level (20 hrs plus Course) | Udemy

Excel VBA Basic to Super Advance Level (20 hrs plus Course) | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
It is divided into 5 sections – Introduction, Variables, Loops with IF, Collection Loops with Classes, Arrays & Functions – Basic to Advance
This Course has 20 hours super duper content for you staring from basic to advance.
Students will learn how to automate excel tasks with VBA from scratch. This course is from beginning to super advance level
Students will be able to understand VBA Fundamentals. How they can customize the syntaxes and not to be dependent on internet for any trouble shooting.
You will know How to record, edit , run and save Macro Recordings. What are the advantages and limitation of Macro recordings
You will learn every type of Loop used in VBA like For next , do while and do until loops and why loops are needed to learn. Practical examples
Learn about Variables and data types and why we need them, Interview related questions on Variables preparation
Students will be able to learn IF statements like single IF, IFAND,IFOR and IF with else if, IF without Else If. Difference between types of IFs
Mix IF with Loops by taking a live example case study
Errors like overflow, data type mismatch, argument not optional, property method not defined, subscript out of range – True meaning of these errors and solving
Learn about Collection Loops and take your data working on to a new level. You can learn how to work with multiple workbooks – Copy Paste data tasks so easy now
Learn about set key word- how to define objects using VBA Classes – Its methods and properties
Classes like Worksheet, Workbook, Range, Worksheet Function, Strings, Info – How to use Object Browser in VBA
How to use VBA Inbuilt functions and Create your own functions – User defined functions UDFs
Learn about the use of Arrays in VBA – the most important and versatile thing you ever want to know.
Every topic will have Practical example discussed in detail

Who this course is for:
Students who want to be Business analysts or Data Analysts or VBA Developers or Marketing research analysts must take this program
Any Chartered Accountant or Business Sales person or Marketing executive who like to automate Excel tasks like copy paste data from different workbooks and putting the data into one file, creating own functions if not available in excel, creating the excel templates on auto mode
Last but not least, any Data lover or enthusiast who want to save time by not doing things manually in excel and create everything on buttons



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